Free *Generate Kindness Sticker

Free *Generate Kindness Sticker


We send unique coupon codes for a Free* sticker exclusively to people on our waitlist.  If you'd like to get a Free* sticker and are not on our waitlist, please join!

* Of course, printing and shipping real stickers isn't "free." In fact, it costs over $100/month just to run the website.

We send stickers at no cost to anyone who wants them, but only as the project has the funds to do so.  We take money through donations of postage, money, crypto, and sales of merch in our store.

100% of profits from this project are used for printing and shipping Free* stickers to kind humans around the world.

Postage-paid requests are fulfilled first.

If you have received a coupon code, you can enter it at checkout.  You will have the option of paying for your postage and "paying it forward."  

$ 1.00